Our FlexRail Polycarbonate Guardrail system now comes in pre-configured modules which allows for easy specifying and ordering. Attach an end section to as many 4 meter or 2 meter sections as needed to complete these cost effective longitudinal. Sections can be easily field cut for more precise lengths or call us for an engineering solution. Double railing systems are available (with mid rails).

A single section of guardrail withstands up to 24,780 pounds / 110 kN of force (90˚ impact) without any permanent deflections all while returning to its original shape. Double up railings to prevent pedestrians and pallets from going under top rail.

Technické údaje

Color RAL 1023 Traffic Yellow
Diameter 2.88″, 4.00″
Overall Height Typically 24″
Product Weight 42″
Energy Absorption 9,172 Joules @ 90º Rail Impacts
Temperature Rating 32°F
Pipe Coating 60μm Hot Dipped Galvanized + 60μm Polyester Outdoor Powder Coat
Cast Iron Coating Environmentally Friendly Water-Based Electrocoat + Powder Coat
Set Screws
Anchor Screws 5/8″