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Buffalo dock bumpers and thermoplastic docking system components lead to a significant reduction in maintenance and replacement costs. Offering the best protection for your loading bays, vehicles and yard floors. Protective polymer components designed to prevent building and dock damage, reduce ongoing maintenance costs and increase docking performance at warehousing and distribution facilities.

Buffalo dynamic defender

Príslušenstvo na ochranu doku, zabraňuje poškodeniu budov

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Designed & manufactured to protect our loading bays, vehicles & yards

Due to their extremely hard wearing, robust and scuff resistant characteristics, they are the perfect alternative to traditional protectors and will help you to reduce your maintenance and replacement costs considerably. The Buffalo Static Defender, Buffalo Dynamic Defender, Buffalo Dynamic Slimline Defender and Buffalo Ground Guard were designed with your loadings bays in mind. They give you extra protection from vehicle movements and prevent damages to your building and docking bay. The Ground Guard will eliminate the degrading of your yard surface by trailers and their landing gear and they offer a stable platform.

Our products come in safety yellow as a standard, but we are able to offer bespoke colours according to your requirements.